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By Marketing Magazine
Posted On 26th Mar 2015
Don’t bitch. Vote.
An initiative by Bulb Communique.
Don't Bitch. Vote.


( – Bulb Communique has launched an initiative targeting the members of the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Malaysia (4As Malaysia) to cast their votes for the right council members at the Biennial General meeting.


Zain Amri, Managing Partner of Bulb Communique said, “The turn up has been really bad these past few years. As a new member of 4As Malaysia, we wanted to create awareness about the importance of the voting process. We must ensure the right people are chosen to run the governing body of our industry.”


The “Don’t bitch. Vote.” campaign aims to remind industry leaders that their complaints/arguments are irrelevant if they do not vote.


The campaign features famous online banter on the declining standard of the local awards show, pitch processes, unethical practices and the growing loss of talent among the industry professionals on online articles and social media sites.


“It’s important that the 4As becomes relevant again. An association that plays its part in helping local agencies achieve success and growing the level of creativity in Malaysia.”


“If anyone is not happy with the association, here’s their chance to make a difference,” added Zain.


An email along with the poster (photo attached) was sent to all the members who are eligible to cast their votes. The campaign was also launched online using Facebook and other social media platforms.

“If you can’t come up with a great idea,
come up with a really bad one and go home. Let life inspire you.”
– Unknown
Creative Group Head

After 24 years of making terrible decisions and embarrassing his parents, Victor Fernandez decided that it was the perfect time to drop out of Advertising and Design school. He created a portfolio of spec ads and sent it to every advertising agency in KL and managed to get a writing internship in Y&R Kuala Lumpur.


With some luck and a recommendation from a dear friend, he landed a gig in BBDO KL as a Copywriter after completing his internship. This is where he met Suryadipura Salleh and Im Im Cheah, the two people who would influence his career the most.


Since then he has had the privilege of working with some truly inspiring creatives and bosses including the mighty Ronald Ng, during his time at BBDO Singapore.


Now, 3 years later he is back home in Malaysia and in BULB Communique. One of the easiest decisions he has ever had to make – to reunite with Suryadipura Salleh and Im Im Cheah.


Victor loves humanity, creativity, being irreverent, eating and sleeping. He hates people who wake him up.

By Zain Amri Ayeob
Managing Partner
(Leadership Communications)
Posted On 16th Mar 2015
Seven Things I’ve Learned

Seven things that I have learned from people I respect and admire in the communications business.


Throughout my career in the marketing communications industry, I have had the privilege of working with some of the best talents in the field. Here are seven lessons that I learned from a few of these amazing people. Until today, I still refer to these mantras as the guiding principles of my work mentality.


1. “You can’t fake passion. It will show in your work”
– Janet Lee (Co-founder of 95% The Advertising Academy, Malaysia)
Creative communications is not like other task-based industries that rewards people who just do enough and getting all the tick boxes checked. This is an industry that constantly challenges itself, and even worse, the audience today gets bored easily and moves on quickly. If you are not spectacular, it will be as obvious as an elephant standing in a playground. In the long run, your career prospects will not just be limited, but you are at high risk of being replaced by a much younger, hungrier talent.


2. “If it doesn’t make sense, then it doesn’t make sense.”
– Nirvik Singh (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Grey Group Asia Pacific)
Creative talents can spin stories out of paint drying on a wall, but in a competitive pitch for a substantial amount of business, sometimes it’s better to call a spade a spade. Many pitch teams fail at the final lap because they refuse to change the initial gameplay even if they fail to make any sense of the hundreds of slides they put together, although compartmentally, all of the slides seem to have a purpose. Take a step back, and revise until a single clear narrative is revealed. And if it takes all night to start compiling from scratch, then so be it. Better than submitting a hopeful waste of time anyway.


3. “People should spend more time improving their own communications, instead of trying to change other people.”
– Dr. Ethan Becker (President of The Speech Improvement Company in the US and co-author of “Mastering Communication at Work”)
Be open to the possibility that an adjustment in our communication could improve our business results and personal relationships. Also, there would be less drama and trauma resulting from people trying to impose their beliefs on others, which everyone knows, will always result in resistance.


4. “Do you hear anyone speaking like that?”
– Suryadipura Salleh (Creative Director at Bulb-Havas, Malaysia)
Writers sometimes tend to fall into the trap of writing over-formally, to the point of sounding like a legal notice from a bank, especially in visual channels such as print ads, billboards, or sometimes even on audio channels such as radio commercials. In spite of the need to communicate clearly and effectively, there must always be a balance to how normal people speak as that is the kind of language they would resonate better with.


5. “Above all else, understand the business.”
– Zayn Khan (CEO, Southeast Asia at Dragon Rouge Group)
In an industry that demands outside-the-box thinking, left-field ideas and even a couple of “Hail Mary” strategies, agencies sometimes tend to forget the most fundamental aspect of the idea – “How does it sustainably serve the clients’ business?”. Failure to do so will cause flash-in-pan results and affects credibility in the long run. If there are no relevant and tangible effectiveness KPI’s placed, then it is just “self indulgence”.


6. “Don’t feel intimidated because they have more experience. They should feel intimidated because you have less baggage.”
– Hawa Hamid (General Manager, Pi Mai FM and ULTRA FM, Malaysia)
It is sometimes easy to feel insecure especially when you are actually the “new kid on the block”. However, it is important to remember that where there is wisdom and experience, there is also rigidity and traditionalism that sometimes doesn’t benefit innovation. Just be aware that everybody is insecure, and have faith that sometimes that silly naive wide-eyed idea of yours, may be a game-changer when competing with ideas from a bunch of tired, worn-out, over-the-sunset executives. Learn by always risking and willing to be wrong. That doesn’t mean being arrogant, stubborn and unteachable. That’s just plain dumb.


7. “Time to go. I’ve got work tomorrow”.
– Nazrudin Rahman (Malaysian TV Personality)
Naz has been my friend since I was seven. Until today, he barely ever misses social events involving family and close friends. Yet, he is famous for these amazingly self-empowering words. And he will usually utter it, even if it was at the peak of a party or before anyone adjourns for an after-event event. Basically, he knows when it’s time to go home and wind down with his kids, research for the next day and be up for his daily morning show that used to make him come in as early as 5am everyday. To me, if a successful full-time tv personality with a wife and three kids can still time-manage his personal responsibilities and maintaining his social life, while still being at the peak of his game, no one else should use their social extra-curricular activities as an excuse for low productivity in a self-managed creative environment. Yes, people expect you to come, but what time you go home, and how much sleep you need to be at your best, is entirely up to you. So choose an exit time, and stick to it.


P.S. Some of you probably don’t even remember saying it to me. Yet I will always remember. Thank you.

Video Kesan Dadah AADK

For the longest time in Malaysia, the effects and dangers of drug abuse have always been shown in boring, uncool, uninteresting videos. Here’s a project to change that.











Pil Kuda





AADK Merchandise

Hey, who said merchandise from government agencies are lame? You might want one of these. Check out our exclusive AADK t-shirts and button badges.

“I Need MRT Because…”


In the face of relentless public criticism from a vocal minority (<1% of the population) who threaten to silence an overwhelming majority (99% of the population) of public support, what can the people behind Malaysia's largest land transportation project do?



A web-based crowdsourcing campaign, where MRT is a conspicuous listener and allows every Malaysian to voice his/her support for the MRT project online.

Peraduan InstaHarapan AADK

This campaign was launched to target youth who are helping or want to help a friend hooked on drugs. This campaign marked the first time a Malaysian government agency used Instagram as their main platform.

Peraduan Cerpen AADK

Rehabilitation is not one person’s struggle. To inspire and motivate those who help drug addicts, we invited Malaysians who have helped others to rehabilitate to share their short stories in this contest. Over 1300 short stories were submitted.

Graffiti Project


To reach the hard-core drug addicts, graffiti was created at 58 locations around Malaysia that were identified as ‘hotspots’.


Here are some of the locations:
1. Stesen LRT Bandar Tasik Selatan, Kuala Lumpur
2. Stesen LRT Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur
3. Perhentian Bas Wangsa Maju Seksyen 5
4. PPR Batu Muda
5. PPR Desa Rejang
6. Dinding Perumahan Kondo Rakyat, Pantai Dalam
7. Dinding Perumahan Kakitangan Awam, Jalan Tun Sambanthan Brickfields
8. Tembok Luar Bangunan Sek. Keb. Convent Light Street, Georgetown
9. Tembok Luar Bangunan Sek. Men. Keb. Westland, Georgetown
10. Tembok Luar Bangunan Sek. Men. Convent Pulau Tikus
11. Tembok Luar Bangunan TM
12. Tembok Kilang Paper Muda Mill Pulau Pinang
13. Stesen Minyak Sungai Bakap Pulau Pinang
14. Pekan Nibong Tebal
15. Jeti Pulau Aman
16. Pekan Simpang Ampat
17. Pasar Kering MPP Balik Pulau
18. Astaka @ Food Court Pasar MPP Balik Pulau
19. Dinding Kedai Makan and Minum Choo Kim Choon
20. Tembok Jalan Teluk Kumbar
21. Pagar/Tembok SMK Telur Kumbar
22. Dinding Balai Raya JKK Titi Teras
23. Terminal Butterworth (Penang Sentral)
24. Hentian Rehat Bagan Ajam, Butterworth
25. Dewan Nelayan Pasar Bisik
26. Block D1, Dinding Bangunan Flat Teluk Indah, Perai
27. Dinding Pagar / Bangunan Surau Kampung Manis
28. Dinding Bangunan Pangsapuri Flat KTMB
29. Dinding Bangunan / Pagar Sek. Keb. Perai
30. Perhentian Bas Jalan Rogayah, Batu Pahat
31. Dataran Penggaram Jalan Rahmat, Batu Pahat
32. Bus Stop di Blok 42, Taman Cendana, Pasir Gudang
33. Dinding Tandas Gelanggang Futsal Taman Cendana, Pasir Gudang
34. Dinding Flat Blok 28, Taman Cendana, Pasir Gudang
35. Tembok Jalan Utama Masuk dan Keluar ke Taman Sri Stulang, Johor Bahru
36. Bangunan Flat Baru Blok A Taman Sri Stulang, Johor Bahru
37. Dinding Tandas Awam Taman Rekreasi Tepi Sungai, Kota Tinggi
38. Dinding Tembok Loji Air (SajJ) Taman Rekreasi Laman Tun Sri Lanang, Kota Tinggi
39. Dinding Bangunan di Perhentian Bas Taman Kota Jaya, Kota Tinggi
40. Dinding Bangunan Terminal Bas Bersebelahan Pasar Awam, Kota Tinggi
41. Dinding Bangunan Ruang Niaga di Terminal Bas Tun Sri Lanang, Kota Tinggi
42. Dinding Depan Balai Raya, Kg. Melayu, Kluang
43. Tembok Sek. Keb. Kg. Melayu, Kluang