By The Star Online
Posted On 3rd Nov 2014
Bulb-Havas Mad Laboratory
Halloween Party
Guests at Halloween event register with transplant resource centre

Advertising agency Bulb Communique and sister company Havas Worldwide teamed up with the National Transplant Resource Centre this Halloween in an effort to increase awareness of the National Organ Donor Register in Malaysia.


Taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to the issue of organ donation at this spooky time of year, Bulb Communique launched the initiative during its Halloween party attended by its clients, staff, and professionals from the media and creative industries.


Guests at the “Mad Laboratory”-themed event learned about the process of organ donation from the resource centre staff and were encouraged to do their bit for society by registering as organ donors.


The event sought to bring to attention the fact that only a very small percentage of Malaysians had signed up with the National Organ Donor Register, and to encourage greater participation in this vitally important and life-saving scheme.


Speaking at the event, Bulb Communique chief executive officer Zain Amri Ayeob outlined the importance of the donor register.


“Organ donors save hundreds of lives a year in Malaysia, but there are still a great many people on waiting lists for these life-changing operations.


“By spreading awareness in this unique, tongue-in-cheek way, we hope to begin a wider conversation about the issue in Malaysia, and encourage people to do their bit for society and pledge to donate their organs after they have passed on.


“After all, one day it might be us or our loved ones who are in need of an organ donor to help save our lives.”


To find out more about the National Organ Donor Register and how you can sign up to save lives, go to