By Anu Kaliappann
Posted On 25th Dec 2014
We had TWO Christmas parties
Santa came to BULB twice. We’re awesome like that. Not that we needed an excuse to party. We’re a company that parties as almost hard as we work. Well… almost. Ok sometimes we exceed that. Because. Because? Indeed!   The first was a potluck extravaganza with mouthwatering goodies. Did we mention that BULB has a vibrantly multiracial team? We celebrate diversity in all forms but it is during our parties that our exuberantly multicultural backgrounds get displayed. Pies, curry puffs, rendangs, salads, fruits, you name it.   We upped the ante with second party which included our sister company Havas KL. Secret Santa left gifts for everyone under the beautiful tree. How he bypassed the biometric security, we’re still wondering, but we suspect it was an inside job.   Christmas tree – check. Santa hat – check. Red and white theme – check. Yuletide food – check.   Music? Check. Wait a minute. We didn’t just have some generic party staple to get the crowd going. No, that’s for the birds. We brought on the DJs and decks to set the tone for the evening.   If the eating and dancing wasn’t enough, an impromptu game of office-chair slide ensued later in the evening, with much screaming and sliding.