By Marketing Magazine
Posted On 26th Mar 2015
Don’t bitch. Vote.
An initiative by Bulb Communique.
Don't Bitch. Vote.


( – Bulb Communique has launched an initiative targeting the members of the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Malaysia (4As Malaysia) to cast their votes for the right council members at the Biennial General meeting.


Zain Amri, Managing Partner of Bulb Communique said, “The turn up has been really bad these past few years. As a new member of 4As Malaysia, we wanted to create awareness about the importance of the voting process. We must ensure the right people are chosen to run the governing body of our industry.”


The “Don’t bitch. Vote.” campaign aims to remind industry leaders that their complaints/arguments are irrelevant if they do not vote.


The campaign features famous online banter on the declining standard of the local awards show, pitch processes, unethical practices and the growing loss of talent among the industry professionals on online articles and social media sites.


“It’s important that the 4As becomes relevant again. An association that plays its part in helping local agencies achieve success and growing the level of creativity in Malaysia.”


“If anyone is not happy with the association, here’s their chance to make a difference,” added Zain.


An email along with the poster (photo attached) was sent to all the members who are eligible to cast their votes. The campaign was also launched online using Facebook and other social media platforms.