By Anu Kaliappan
Posted On 27th Feb 2015
The Day Lions Invaded

Two red lions came a visiting recently to our new offices. Pens and notebooks were shunted aside to welcome the lions that came amidst much fanfare.


The lion dance performance is an annual observation at Havas KL and BULB offices. But it was double the luck this year because it was the first time we had a lion dance performance at our new offices at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.


The lions went around the entire office, picking up angpows and offerings of mandarin oranges. The unmistakably festive sound of cymbals and drums filled the air while the scent of citrus added to the pleasantness.


We never knew that the carnivorous lions were partial to oranges. Hmmm. We hope they had their fill of vitamin C.


A couple of weeks earlier, we had a thrown a Lunar New Year luncheon with the mandatory Low Sang to observe and welcome a prosperous year for our entire group.


Celebrations are par for the course at our offices. While we observe the major festivals of Malaysia, they are not the only occasions that we choose to celebrate.


For instance, we celebrate our office space by investing bright colours and art motifs that lend meaning to our group philosophy.


We also celebrate family…but that’s another story we’ll tell you real soon.


We also celebrate closeness and camaraderie with an open workspace concept that break down rigid walls and invite collaboration.