“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”
– Aristotle
Menon Kris
Partner (Media Advertising)

Neeta started her life in the corporate world at a tender age. In the following years she amassed a wealth of experience in such fields as brand and account management, event management, public relations and media management.


A hardworking, dedicated and diligent manager, she brings a lot of integrity into her work and relations with people. This has stood her in good stead and gathered her much recognition at such companies as Y&R, BBDO, Bozell, DNA 360 and TBWA among others.


Neeta has had 12 years of experience under her belt, working on a plethora of diverse accounts that included telcos, satellite cable TV, automobile, finance, and the hospitality industry.


Unknown to many, Neeta is a kitchen warrior with a bent for baking. A creative person at heart, she loves to concoct and create new gastronomic delights for her family and friends.

“It is our choices, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”
– JK Rowling
Raja Azura
Partner (Marketing Communications)

With over 15 years of advertising experience, Azura is an expert in managing, supervising and providing strategic recommendations and solutions on all advertising related ATL & BTL matters.


Over the years in the industry, she has handled a range of accounts and businesses from multinational companies to local giants: PETRONAS & its group of companies, East Coast Economic (ECE), Region Development Corporation (RDC), Maybank, Dutch Lady, Sara Lee Malaysia, Colgate Palmolive, Procter & Gamble and many more.


She led the inaugural PETROSAINS Science Fest event held at Suria KLCC in 2013 from development of event strategies, to development of event related collaterals, as well as the event management.


In 2005/2006, she played an important role in helping out on a successful launch for Primax 3, which included a full-fledged integrated launch campaign.

“The one thing that matters is the effort.”
– Antoine de Saint Exupery
Brand Director

Farhah, who used to be a microbiologist, is now a brand director in BULB Communique. Her artistry in problem solving has made it easy for her to manage brands and clients efficiently through her understanding of how every little detail affects the overall situation.


Her specialty in Communications for International Relations combined with exceptionally high EQ, are amongst many other qualities that makes her a successful moderator.


Being a sharp project manager, she finds satisfaction by seeing everything through to near-perfect completion.


Those who have worked with her will know that she is one of those rare breeds of professionals who still take time and effort to make sure everyone involved is happy to be onboard.

Managing Consultant

Pat Wahid is a Marketing Guru. It took her years of experience to earn the moniker, but is one that is deserved, in light of her extensive experience in Marketing, Branding, Advertising and Public Relations. Her major strengths are in the scope of management transformation, brand development and advertising.


Pat brings with her 28 years of experience. Having worked with and been involved in five-star companies like McCann Erickson Malaysia, Coca-Cola (Far East) Limited, Gillette Malaysia, The New Straits Times Group/Media Prima, Pos Malaysia, Proton and Lotus Malaysia.


She is also the founder of PW Concept Sdn Bhd, a training and marketing consultancy. She is a certified HRDF trainer.


Pat Wahid’s passion to empower people led to her full time involvement in educating small business starters to embrace the importance of Marketing while starting a business. Pat is an ongoing speaker in PR, media, marketing, branding, advertising, consumer behaviour, meeting consumer needs and 5Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion and People) that are relevant in business; applying Marketing Theories to influence behavioural change that would benefit consumers, their peers and the society as a whole.


Pat holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the Entrepreneurship Institute of Australia, Adelaide.

“誰に向かって言ってんだよ” “Dare ni mukatte ittendayo?”
– Bill Murray
Amri Ayeob
Managing Partner (Leadership Communications) 

Positive and constructive, Zain is a friend and mentor to many. His years of experience in various industries has naturally made him one of the most insightful and resourceful people in the communications line.


He was previously the Deputy Director of Communications at Iclif Leadership Governance Centre (Bank Negara); then the Strategic Planning Director and Business Unit Head at Grey Group Malaysia. His automotive communications experience includes Perodua (2007), and Proton (2013).


Zain also has a background in training thousands of communications professionals across South East Asia as the codesigner and lead trainer of the SHINE training series (under 4A’s Malaysia).


With his special talents in music and sports, he has his own solo album titled “Just Zain”, released in 2011, and is now the head of inline hockey development under the Malaysian Association of Roller Sports (MARS).


Zain is currently serving as the Strategic Planning Director of Havas Worldwide Malaysia.


Download Zain’s profile here.

“Do or do not, there is no try.”
– Yoda
Founding Partner (Organisational Transformation)

Khaidi Kamaruddin founded Bulb Communique in 2009, a rapidly growing Malaysian advertising and marketing agency with an enviable list of clients from industries such as telecommunications, plantations/agriculture, broadcasting, infrastructure, power generation, education as well as the governmental sector.


He marries the wisdom of past generations with the technology of tomorrow, to establish the perfect brand eco­system. Khaidi is a visionary with the uncanny ability to turn any disadvantage into an opportunity. This trait was responsible for his stellar stint at national automaker Proton.


His foray into advertising and branding began with J. Walter Thompson Kuala Lumpur, upon leaving which he founded Bulb Communique.


What characterizes Khaidi is that he continues to table fresh innovative perspectives. A business architect, systems integrator, marketer and developer of brands all rolled into one dynamic talent.

By Anu Kaliappan
Posted On 27th Feb 2015
The Day Lions Invaded

Two red lions came a visiting recently to our new offices. Pens and notebooks were shunted aside to welcome the lions that came amidst much fanfare.


The lion dance performance is an annual observation at Havas KL and BULB offices. But it was double the luck this year because it was the first time we had a lion dance performance at our new offices at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.


The lions went around the entire office, picking up angpows and offerings of mandarin oranges. The unmistakably festive sound of cymbals and drums filled the air while the scent of citrus added to the pleasantness.


We never knew that the carnivorous lions were partial to oranges. Hmmm. We hope they had their fill of vitamin C.


A couple of weeks earlier, we had a thrown a Lunar New Year luncheon with the mandatory Low Sang to observe and welcome a prosperous year for our entire group.


Celebrations are par for the course at our offices. While we observe the major festivals of Malaysia, they are not the only occasions that we choose to celebrate.


For instance, we celebrate our office space by investing bright colours and art motifs that lend meaning to our group philosophy.


We also celebrate family…but that’s another story we’ll tell you real soon.


We also celebrate closeness and camaraderie with an open workspace concept that break down rigid walls and invite collaboration.

By Anu Kaliappann
Posted On 25th Dec 2014
We had TWO Christmas parties
Santa came to BULB twice. We’re awesome like that. Not that we needed an excuse to party. We’re a company that parties as almost hard as we work. Well… almost. Ok sometimes we exceed that. Because. Because? Indeed!   The first was a potluck extravaganza with mouthwatering goodies. Did we mention that BULB has a vibrantly multiracial team? We celebrate diversity in all forms but it is during our parties that our exuberantly multicultural backgrounds get displayed. Pies, curry puffs, rendangs, salads, fruits, you name it.   We upped the ante with second party which included our sister company Havas KL. Secret Santa left gifts for everyone under the beautiful tree. How he bypassed the biometric security, we’re still wondering, but we suspect it was an inside job.   Christmas tree – check. Santa hat – check. Red and white theme – check. Yuletide food – check.   Music? Check. Wait a minute. We didn’t just have some generic party staple to get the crowd going. No, that’s for the birds. We brought on the DJs and decks to set the tone for the evening.   If the eating and dancing wasn’t enough, an impromptu game of office-chair slide ensued later in the evening, with much screaming and sliding.

By The Star Online
Posted On 3rd Nov 2014
Bulb-Havas Mad Laboratory
Halloween Party
Guests at Halloween event register with transplant resource centre

Advertising agency Bulb Communique and sister company Havas Worldwide teamed up with the National Transplant Resource Centre this Halloween in an effort to increase awareness of the National Organ Donor Register in Malaysia.


Taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to the issue of organ donation at this spooky time of year, Bulb Communique launched the initiative during its Halloween party attended by its clients, staff, and professionals from the media and creative industries.


Guests at the “Mad Laboratory”-themed event learned about the process of organ donation from the resource centre staff and were encouraged to do their bit for society by registering as organ donors.


The event sought to bring to attention the fact that only a very small percentage of Malaysians had signed up with the National Organ Donor Register, and to encourage greater participation in this vitally important and life-saving scheme.


Speaking at the event, Bulb Communique chief executive officer Zain Amri Ayeob outlined the importance of the donor register.


“Organ donors save hundreds of lives a year in Malaysia, but there are still a great many people on waiting lists for these life-changing operations.


“By spreading awareness in this unique, tongue-in-cheek way, we hope to begin a wider conversation about the issue in Malaysia, and encourage people to do their bit for society and pledge to donate their organs after they have passed on.


“After all, one day it might be us or our loved ones who are in need of an organ donor to help save our lives.”


To find out more about the National Organ Donor Register and how you can sign up to save lives, go to www.dermaorgan.gov.my