“Do or do not, there is no try.”
– Yoda
Founding Partner (Organisational Transformation)

Khaidi Kamaruddin founded Bulb Communique in 2009, a rapidly growing Malaysian advertising and marketing agency with an enviable list of clients from industries such as telecommunications, plantations/agriculture, broadcasting, infrastructure, power generation, education as well as the governmental sector.


He marries the wisdom of past generations with the technology of tomorrow, to establish the perfect brand eco­system. Khaidi is a visionary with the uncanny ability to turn any disadvantage into an opportunity. This trait was responsible for his stellar stint at national automaker Proton.


His foray into advertising and branding began with J. Walter Thompson Kuala Lumpur, upon leaving which he founded Bulb Communique.


What characterizes Khaidi is that he continues to table fresh innovative perspectives. A business architect, systems integrator, marketer and developer of brands all rolled into one dynamic talent.