“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.”
– Fabienne Fredrickson
Brand Executive

Sheevy Radhakrishnan, a food scientist by profession, is a newbie in the advertising industry. She joined BULB Communique in July 2014 with one goal, to challenge herself to be able to stand tall in this competitive industry.


Being the youngest in the team (age wise and experience wise), Sheevy is gaining her knowledge from some of the finest people in the industry. Her willingness to learn and thirst for success allow her to seize every opportunity, making it a stepping stone to building her future career.


Sheevy’s interests are fashion and automobiles, making her adventurous in always wanting to try something new. She gets weak in the knees for tastefully modified vehicles and speed.


Currently, Sheevy is assisting her talented and enthusiastic team in servicing the Altel account.